Norgetrip. First day.


So, the start day had come. All things were planned, clothes were packed, and points were traced. The traffic situation was very good — the traffic jam on Friday evening was only 4 points (max 10). I don`t know what happened, but such a situation did not take a long time before.

However, suddenly there was a little problem. Our navigator wasn`t working properly. The maps weren`t loading onto the device, and we did not want to drive without navigation. My friend called the customer service and spent much time talking with them. So much precious time was spent. We actually didn’t get started driving again until around midnight.

We drove cheerfully, singing songs by rock groups such as: Aria, Picknic, Nautilus Pompilius, etc. But soon, Morpheus started to try and take us to himself. We resisted as best as we could: ate crackers, drank coffee, and drank energy drinks. But it only gave us a temporary effect. The driver, Vlad, was practically driving in autopilot.

After all of that, we reached the first destination – the camping “deer”. We put up a tent and expanded a sleeping bag. Then we drank the Armenian dogwood vodka “Artsakh,”and went to bed. The alarm clock was set to 12:00, but we did not keep the time.

to be continued …

Закладка Постоянная ссылка.

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