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The Lowest point in America

Hi there! My name is Dmitriy Voropaev. I was born in Tomsk. Now I live in Moscow.

In present time i`m a blogger, an adventurer, a traveller, an engineer and some more…

My main hobby is a travels and an adventures. I dream visit all country in the world)) And I hope it will be so! Where is my mind? 🙂

Also, I like: quiet fishing, deep diving, relax snorkeling, blue sea, mad ocean, beauty girls, minimalism style, outstanding cars, chinese tea, unfiltered beer, quality movies, good music.

I am fan of the FC Tom Tomsk ))

I am always open for interesting offer, partnership, cooperation and communications! I wait yours offers!

Also you have to visit my project Extrapoly.com with useful articles!

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Thats all about me!

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